30 years ago, RW and Margaret set out to make the best tortilla chip the world has ever known, a snack that was as healthy as it was irresistible. They invested every dime they had (and some they didn’t) and started selling chips to retailers out of the family van. Today RW Garcia products are available throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. And three generations of Garcia’s work in the family business. Using only the highest quality, premium ingredients. Products are non-GMO project verified, gluten free certified and contain no additives or preservatives and are so wholesome that moms have started telling their kids to stop eating meals between snacks. Snack healthy. Snack Delicious

Concepts, Design, Production, 3D Renderings & Prototyping, Marketing & Tradeshow Materials

RW Garcia - Corn Chips Organic, Various Flavors

RW Garcia Crackers - Redesign existing line of crackers in multiple flavors with the addition of new flavors.

RW Garcia Tortilla Chips - New Product Design exciting new flavor combinations for worldwide markets.

RW Garcia Marketing & Advertising Promotional pieces for trade shows, magazine placements & social media.
RW Garcia Olive oil Crisps - British Market
RW Garcia Cheesy Crackers - Canada
RW Garcia Big Bag Tortilla Chips - Update existing Product
RW Garcia - Dippers, Organic Corn Chips Various Flavors. US Markets

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